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By Travis Scholl, Lake Las Vegas Realtor & Henderson Resident

Lake Las Vegas Overview February 27, 2019  ( For Lake Las Vegas Property Listings-Scroll & View Below)

Lake Las Vegas, over the last couple of years, has seen a drastic improvement in the amount of New Homes and Amenities in the area.  A Number of New / Modern Homes sites by Renowned & NYSE Home Builders has helped Lake Las Vegas become one of the most sought after communities in the Valley. The increase in New Residents has had a positive impact on the Shopping, Dining, and demand for Recreation at Lake Las Vegas. 

Lake Las Vegas Community News

The Hilton Lake Las Vegas Resort & Spa and the Westin Lake Las Vegas which both contain Fine Dining and Entertainment options found in any 5 Star Resort are currently accepting reservations and providing world class Hospitality and Spa Services.

The 2 Golf Courses are up and running which is good news for Residents and Guests alike as Lake Las Vegas with its Rolling Hills in the Canyons surrounding the development and Gorgeous Lake Views make for An Amazing Day of Golf. The Reflection Bay Golf Club and the South Shore Country Club are one of the things that have always attracted people to come and play at Lake Las Vegas.

With the on going success of Home Sales in Lake Las Vegas both Courses are thriving.

The Lake Las Vegas Sports Club

The New Lake Las Vegas Sports Club is an Incredible Facility that was recently built to give the Residents in the area access to a High End Exercise Complex that houses a State of the Art Fitness Center, 2 Swimming Pools, Tennis Courts, Pickle Ball Courts and Locker Rooms with Steam / Sauna access. Many of the Home Builders are offering to pay for the initial Membership fee ( $10,000 Value) as an incentive for Buying. One of the things Lake Las Vegas was missing was access to a Full Scale Fitness Facility and with the LLV Sports Club that void is now filled.

OutDoors Activities

There are literally Hundreds of Miles of Trails that surround Lake Las Vegas, some of which line the Wetlands Park and the Las Vegas Wash that feeds the Lake itself. These trails can be used by Runners / Walkers alike along with Bicycle enthusiasts. One of the Coolest Trails in the area is the Historic Lake Mead Railroad Trail that takes you through 5 Tunnels once used by Railroads supplying the Construction of Hoover Dam. This Trail ends up at the Parking Garage of the Visitor Center overlooking the Hoover Dam where You can marvel at the sheer awesomeness of one of the 7 Wonders of the World.

The Village

The Village at Lake Las Vegas is a collection of Shops and Restaurants that is anchored by Seasons Grocery. Seasons Grocery, like the Sports Club, have really been responsible for bringing a fresh air of excitement to the area as Seasons Market has the Feel of a Whole Foods Market just on a smaller scale. This was something that was missing in years past and now that Lake Las Vegas Residents have a Grocery Supply within the Community it really makes shopping more convenient.


Many of the Restaurants in the Village offer Happy Hour specials for Patrons to enjoy views of the Lake while they indulge on delicious food and cocktails.

Lake Activities

Lake Las Vegas Water Sports sits adjacent to the Seasons Grocery and has a multitude of outdoor Recreation options. People can rent Paddle Boards, Pedal Bikes, Kayaks and Canoes by the hour and for the more extreme there is Fly Boarding and Jet Packs that are Water Powered allowing the user to Fly High above the Water like something from a James Bond Movie, it Really is Cool !

Electric Boats are available by appointment and there is even a Yacht that seats up to 140 people which can be reserved for Dinner / Cocktail Parties. If it’s too Hot during the Day LLV Water Sports offers Neon Paddle at Night were you can adorn yourself with glowing necklaces and bracelets with Paddle Boards that are also illuminated. This Neon Paddle event is scheduled every 2 weeks during the Summer with a Floating D.J. Stage that pumps of the jams while You paddle the Lake.

If all of this sounds like too much effort then just schedule your trip to Lake Las Vegas during one of their Movie Nights were You can float on the Water with a raft or inter tube while watching the Movie Jaws on a Giant Outdoor Movie Screen (Yes, they really have this…) For me personally I like to watch Jaws on the Couch while covering my eyes, but Hey to each his/her own.

Coming in May of 2019 is what looks to be a Giant Floating Obstacle Course where You can Run, Climb, Jump on an Inflated Structure that looks like something from that show WipeOut.

I’m going to have to give that a Shot when it comes to be as that looks just too much Fun !! Hope You get a chance to check out Lake Las Vegas and all it has to offer !  Below are some Wonderful Lake Las Vegas Properties for Sale.  See a Property of Interest?  Connect with me at: 702-232-5376

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