Considering a Move to Lake Las Vegas? – Watch this Video Discussing its Pros & Cons

What Are the Pros & Cons of Living in Lake Las Vegas

Enjoy watching the Video below by Lauren Stark,  as she shares her expert insight about the Lake Las Vegas Luxe Lifestyle!


Lake Las Vegas Agent Opinion & Valuable Buyer Information by Lauren Stark



Lake Las Vegas is a beautiful masterplanned community located in the city of Henderson, NV that offers many different housing options from condos/townhomes, to single family residences, to waterfront mansions, however, it may not be for everyone.

Let’s start with the cons first:

Location – When Lake Las Vegas first came on the scene it was considered SO far out. It really felt like a magical oasis in the desert once you arrived.  As the development and growth has continued in Henderson, and several other masterplanned communities have been built along the stretch of Lake Mead Blvd it is not quite as far as it once seemed.  However, it is about 17 miles from the strip, about 15 miles to Harry Reid International Airport, and it takes me about 30 minutes from where I live in Anthem Country Club also in Henderson.  Depending on how you hit the stoplights, this can take you 20 minutes or it can take you 35 minutes.  Also keep in mind, that once you turn into Lake Las Vegas, depending on where you live, it can take another 10-12 minutes of driving through the masterplan to get home. If you’re someone coming from a city with a TON of traffic, the 30 minute drive won’t seem that bad as it moves and there is a stretch of Lake Mead Blvd where I think the speed limit is 60 or 65 mph. 


Drive to/From Lake Las Vegas


It’s not pretty. This part of Henderson you drive through is older, and there used to be a lot of factories along this stretch of land back in the day.  It’s known to the locals as Hendertucky.  The entire stretch of Lake Mead Blvd is developing and you will pass Water Street which is where Downtown Henderson is, and the city is doing a lot to really make Downtown Henderson current and hip, especially with all the growth & other masterplans located along the way out to Lake LV such as Cadence & Tuscany, so its getting there, but ultimately it’s not a pretty drive to get to Lake Las Vegas at all.


Hoa Dues



Everyone who lives in Lake Las Vegas will pay $400/Q, and those were just increased from $375/Q as of ’22.  On top of that, if you live in a gated community within Lake Las Vegas, you will have additional Hoa Dues that range anywhere from $85/M – $185/M or so.  If you live in the South Shore, which is the guard gated section of Lake Las Vegas , those residents pay $927/Q, in addition to the $400/Q Lake Las Vegas Masterplan fee.  If you are in a condo/townhome, you will have additional Hoa Dues as those typically cover exterior maintenance, the amenities, water, sewer, trash, and so on, so some of the monthly expenditure for a condo/townhome can total $700 – $1000/M.






It’s HOT in the summer out here.  It gets about 5- 7 degrees hotter than the rest of the city as its so close to Lake Mead.  I drove one time from Lake Las Vegas and it was 119 degrees, back to Anthem CC which has a little more elevation and my car temperature dropped down to 112.  But let’s be honest, anything over 105 all starts to feel the same – just hot.  It’s great in the winter though – as winters in the desert get chilly!






Within the village of Lake Las Vegas is a Seasons grocery store which has a cute little market, deli, coffee bar, and you can get staples, and there are a few restaurants in the village as well as some dining options in the resort, but it’s not as convenient as it is in living in some other part of Henderson.  The closest grocery stores are on Boulder Highway, but Boulder Highway is definitely ‘Hendertucky’ feeling.  If you get on the 215 beltway the second exit would be Stephanie Street and from there you would open up to a ton of different shopping and dining options, the Whole Foods is 2 more exits past Stephanie Street on Green Valley Parkway which is also where the District and Shops are located near the GVR Hotel.  Bottom line, if you live at Lake Las Vegas, you are definitely going to need a car.





As soon as you turn onto Lake Las Vegas Pkwy, you are greeted by waterfalls and greenery and mountain scape, with the strip in the far distance, and it is so very beautiful and peaceful. I always say the topography of Lake Las Vegas is just so darn pretty  A fellow colleague who lives out here once said to me, as soon as I turn left onto Lake Las Vegas Pkwy and see the waterfalls, my shoulders decompress, I take a deep breath, and I am so happy to be home.  It really is an incredibly beautiful and pristine community.




Henderson is one of the safest cities in the United States so it’s no wonder Lake Las Vegas is where Celine Dion has chosen to reside.  It’s very safe and secure – especially so in the South Shore section.  It’s so peaceful and quiet out in Lake Las Vegas -there are no major highways nearby, you are surrounded by golf courses, there is a huge manmade lake in the middle of the community, which anytime you can see water in the desert is a plus.  There are no nearby apartment complexes. The development is less dense than in other communities.





For those who like to spend their time outdoors, and are active, Lake Las Vegas is AWESOME!  You can easily walk or jog for miles around the tree lined sidewalks.  There are 2 golf courses – Reflection Bay is public, SouthShore is a private course.  The lake has a ton of activities you can participate in, from the Water Park Obstacle Course to paddle boarding to kayaking, rowing, taking an electric boat out.  You feel like you are in nature and if driving around is beautiful so is walking.  If you’re lucky, you may see the Bighorn Sheep family that comes out – I’ve seen them several times and each time is special.




This is important – even though Lake Las Vegas is far, the Henderson Hospital is located just 10 minutes away.  It’s relatively new, and very high rated. There is also a branch of the St. Rose De Lima Hospital also about 10 minutes down Lake Mead Blvd, so that is definitely a positive thing as in case of emergency, you want to have easy and close access to a hospital. 



Lake Las Vegas Sports Club




This has been an absolutely amazing addition to the Lake Las Vegas community.  There is a membership fee associated with belonging to the Sport Club, but this state of the art clubhouse and fitness center is great for the residents to make it so you don’t have to leave the peacefulness that is Lake Las Vegas.  There is a $10K initiation fee – which I know may seem high, however, new home builders are purchasing the initiation fee for new buyers and the membership IS transferable, so it is great for resale.  The monthly cost is $100/M and $125/M for a couple so really quite reasonable and it gives you access to the fitness center, there is an awesome fitness studio overlooking the pool with pocket doors that open, gorgeous locker room facilities with complimentary towels, showers and a steam room, a lap pool (which is heated to 79 degrees year round), resort style pool and hot tub, tennis/pickle ball courts, game room, and they recently opened a short range spot to practice your pitching and putting golf game, and they host happy hours here too. 


There are always community events and happenings at Lake Las Vegas.  The 4th of July fireworks show is something that residents from all over come to see the fireworks set off at the lake.  The village is the spot for outdoor concerts, brunches at Reflection Bay, paddle board yoga, fireworks shows, Christmas parade, ringing in the New Year on the Yacht around the lake – always little activities for residents to enjoy without ever having to leave the community.

I personally LOVE Lake Las Vegas – it is so so very pretty everywhere you drive around once inside the masterplan, and I am a big lover of being outside so for me, personally, the pros outweigh the cons.